Our crops are in the ground and up in most of the Wheat Growers area, and let me say that the corn that is up and growing in the central and northern areas of the territory look absolutely fantastic! Soybeans are just up and looking great as well. Wheat continues to look excellent. WE HAVE A GREAT CROP OUT THERE! Even better, since we have planted, the economics of the crop have turned the corner, and the potential for a great crop and at least a solid economic return is looking really positive. Now my number one question is this: Have we fed the crop out there adequately so that MAXIMUM YIELD POTENTIAL can be achieved? We are NOT TOO LATE to add additional nutrients to our crops- especially corn, but even soybeans or wheat?  Remember the visual image of the “short stave on a wooden barrel”? We do not want any crop to be there - for any nutrient.

  • Review your base fertilizer plans. Did we fertilize for maximum economic yield- and was our yield goal initially the same as what the yield goal potential is now? If our fertilizer budget was short, we have great options to use- especially for major nutrients like Nitrogen and Potassium and secondary nutrients like Sulfur.
  • Use a nitrogen stabilizer If we do choose to apply nitrogen- in either dry or liquid form- remember that N can DISAPPEAR quickly- volatilization losses are potentially huge right now- applying a urease inhibitor makes economic sense. Let’s keep the N where we place it!
  • Micronutrients. Now is a GREAT time to apply micronutrients, like zinc, manganese and boron to crops like corn. Demand for zinc and boron is high in V4-V7 corn. Consider a NUTRISOLUTIONS TISSUE TEST on your corn now to determine what micros may be in short supply.

Visit with your local Wheat Growers Agronomist to review all of your crop nutrition needs!