As we approach the main seed treatment time of the year, I wanted to send a reminder about a product that we looked at last year, with some success.  Heads Up seed treatment is a seed-applied plant protectant that causes a Systemic acquired Resistance (SAR) reaction in soybeans, with effects on partial control of white mold and Sudden Death Syndrome. The product is applied along with the inoculant, and can be used as part of a multi-step management plan for white mold. White mold management in soybeans is a multi-step process, and I have visited with several lately on management plans for the disease.

Background: White mold management in soybeans and dry beans requires a multi-step management plan that includes crop rotation, variety selection, planting management (here is where wider rows are an advantage), and planned fungicides if weather conditions at flowering time of the crop are favorable for white mold. Other management steps can include seed treatment, additives like Heads Up and possibly biofungicides focused on direct management of the white mold sclerotia (with Contans biofungicide).

If you have any questions, or need more information on white mold management, please contact your Wheat Growers Agronomist!