December 4th 2015
Stetson Senyak
Grain Marketing Specialist

Speak to your nearest Grain Marketing Specialist about the new Winter Market Base Builder Program, and our New December Corn Moisture Averaging Program.
Wheat Growers Patron meetings are coming up, be sure to ask about times and locations of the patron meetings in your area.

Corn- Unchanged as of 7:45
March corn closed the day Thursday up 6 ¾ with help from a weaker US dollar.
Export sales were reported at 19.7 million bushels vs. 30 million bushels needed weekly. Yesterday’s drop in the dollar does not necessarily increase US corn exports but it does give grains some relief from the bearish pressure they have encountered since mid- October.

Beans- Down 3 as of 7:45
Beans ended the day yesterday up 5 ¼ cents with support from corn and wheat strength and help from a weaker US dollar. Weekly export sales were decent at 32.3 million bushels which is well above the needed pace of 13.6 million bushels weekly. USDA announced yesterday morning that China bought 4.9 million bushels of US soybeans for 2015—16. Southern Brazil has caught some rains and Northern Brazil has precipitation in the forecast.

Wheat- Minneapolis Unchanged Kansas City Up 1 as of 7:45
The wheat market was the biggest beneficiary of the weakness in the US dollar yesterday. Kansas City March wheat ended the day up 10 ½ cents yesterday while Minneapolis March wheat ended the day yesterday up 3 ¼ cents after showing double digit gains most of the session yesterday. The US dollar had its largest 1 day move yesterday since March 18th 2009.Weekly export sales were 14.4 million bushels, slightly ahead of the 10.4 million bushels needed weekly.