OATS - Does it Need a Fungicide as Well?
Yes, it can. Oats gets a “leaf” rust, called crown rust. Crown rust runs its life cycle between oats and the buckthorn shrub. Buckthorn in the area is absolutely yellow/orange right now with pustules of crown rust. There are several fungicide registered for oats, and again protecting the flag leaf is critical. Aproach, Caramba, Headline, Twinline, Priaxor, Stratego, Tilt, Quilt Xcel are all registered. I default to a combination product like Stratego, Twinline or Priaxor, but the others are effective as well. High quality oats demands great grain fill to maintain high testweight.

Be VERY careful of oats planned uses if considering a fungicide. Watch growth stages and haying/grazing restrictions carefully, and watch PHI limitations. For example, here are the restrictions for Stratego: 

  • 7 fl oz/A
  • Can make 2 applications per season. The second application can be made with a minimum of 14 days between treatments.
  • Do not apply more than 14 fl oz/A/year.
  • Do not apply after Feekes 8 (the ligule of the flag leaf emerges). Do not apply within 40 days of harvest.
  • Grazing Restrictions: 1 application- do not graze the treated area until 30 days after application and do not harvest the treated crop for forage until 30 days after application or harvest for hay until 45 days after application.
  • 2 applications (14 fl oz/A) - Do not graze and do not harvest the treated crop for forage or hay.