Don't forget about your soybeans this fall in your fertility program. Phosphorus is the main nutrient to keep and eye on with soybeans in our area. One bushel of soybeans will remove 0.75 lbs of P2O5. So 40 bushel soybeans will need about 60 lbs of 11-52-0 to replace what has been removed. Keep in mind we need to put out extra P besides crop removal to raise the Phosphorus in our soils. If you are in a build program with your Phosphorus, apply extra P when you are fertilizing corn for your soybeans the following year. Dry spreading corn stalks in the fall for soybeans the next year is also a good practice. Generally, soybeans respond well to a Phosphorus application with P levels in the low to medium range on soil samples. If P levels are high, then manage Phosphorus to meet crop removal and maintain soils at that level.