Baling corn stalks after harvest can provide livestock feed and bedding, but the value of the nutrients in the corn stalks that are removed should be considered. On average, 150 bushel corn will have around 3.5 tons of dry matter per acre. This corn stover will contain 20 lbs of Nitrogen per ton, 7 lbs of Phoshate per ton, and 33 lbs of Potassium per ton on average. If all of the stover is removed from the field, this corn stover would be worth around $125 per acre at current dry fertilizer prices. How much corn stover is removed from the field depends on the way it is baled. For example, shredding corn stalk and raking will remove much more than just baling behind the combine. If you were to remove 50% of the corn stover from the field, each 1200 lb bale would have $21 worth of N, P, and K in it. Grazing cattle on corn stalks will remove very few nutrients since cattle leave behind most of the nutrients that they consume.