December 26th, 2014
Drew Johnson
Grain Marketing Specialist

Market will open at 8:30 am!

As of 7:45am higher

Corn is enjoying this market move as recent exports have been pushing it along, but with the short trade week we will have to wait until Monday before we get fresh export numbers. Indications for the start of today’s trade is higher.

As of 7:45am higher

Beans have been moving sideways, and will probably continue to bounce around that way until the end of the year. South American bean news, and US planting intentions, will eventually put pressure on this market. Indications, prior to opening this morning, are higher.

As of 7:45am lower

Russia news is seen as being priced into wheat market. Cold weather forecasts, for next week, have increased the risk of winter kill on wheat in the western plains. Early indications, for the start of the day, is lower.