Now is not too late for growers to apply herbicide treatments to your fields to control weeds and help ensure a good start for spring planting! Fall residuals target early weeds next spring and can help speed warmup at planting. In addition, burndown targeting perennials, like thistles and dandelion, as well as fall grasses and fall broadleaves including marestail and mustard species can be applied anytime from now until soil freeze-up.

Warmer weather anytime between now and the next couple weeks is a good time for fall herbicide applications. Although growers may be busy with harvest, now is the exact time to be thinking about next spring and how to control the weeds that have a negative impact on planting and early season management.

A couple examples: Marestail is becoming a weed problem growers will have a problem controlling in the spring if they don’t do something to prevent the weeds in the fall. Kochia is a continual issue that demands our attentions as well, and is best controlled with a residual product.

Some tips to keep in mind when spraying:

  • Residual herbicides seem to work regardless of the crop residue that remains on the ground after harvest. Winter moisture is consistent enough to nearly always activate residuals and get them into the soil- and before weeds begin to germinate. 
  • Don’t make it too complicated. We are looking at two reasons for the fall application- control of weeds that have already emerged, and residual for early weeds like kochia and marestail, among others next spring. 
  • Glyphosate, dicamba, 2,4-D all can still have activity for burndown- in addition to the residual herbicide. 
  • Cold water will not directly affect herbicide performance that much, but may affect mixing time, especially of dry residual herbicide products and will slow uptake somewhat. Of course, watch the cold nights from a sprayer maintenance point of view.

Talk to a Wheat Growers Agronomist today and take advantage of the fall residual program and other programs to help develop a plan for effective weed control for your crop year!