Soybean harvest is nearly complete. The cleanest soybean fields were the ones where an early burndown was done and a residual chemistry was applied sooner than later. Getting ahead of kochia especially, seemed to really depend on the timing. I would recommend either applying a fall residual to beat kochia from germinating, or make plans to have fields with kochia issues sprayed by the end of April in the spring. This is the best way to start off beans and not have to make multiple passes trying to kill kochia. One other weed to keep in mind is waterhemp. I have seen waterhemp really start to show up across a wider geography and it is a weed that should be managed carefully. Waterhemp generally germinates from middle June through July, and even August. Controlling emerged waterhemp in soybeans is tricky at best, if not impossible. It is hard to maintain season long control with just one residual application. A good management practice is to use a pre emerge product at a strong rate, and then apply another residual to help carry control through the summer months.