We have heard about a lot of white mold in the soybean crop this year. The cool, wet, long dew period weather we have seen recently really favors the development of this disease. There is really nothing we can do about it right now, but please keep record of where the disease occurred, for future planning. One step growers can do is to clean their combine before moving from a heavily infected field to a “clean” field, so the sclerotia (hard black “chunks” of the fungus that serve as inoculum for the future) are not easily transferred from field to field.

I am working on some information detailing the disease and what management steps can be taken to reduce it in future years – so stay tuned. This will also be a topic discussed at winter agronomy meetings. The problem is that where white mold occurs this year, there is a greater risk of it in future years, even after a corn-soybean rotation. We can manage this disease, and there are a few key steps to the process (agronomic and fungicides), which I will discuss in the upcoming materials.