September 15, 2014
Drew Johnson
Grain Marketing Specialist

As of 8:00am 2 lower.

Corn continues to see pressure this morning and new lows continue to be found. There just really is not much to talk about. There is a big crop coming and traders will continue to liquidate. Next big report is on Sep 30th.

As of 8:00am 6 lower

Traders continue to liquidate soybean positions as incoming supply continues to burden the market. There was frost reported in the NW Corn Belt, but it is not being seen as a threat. Louisiana and various southern States are cutting SB’s and yield reports are very good. Traders also watching South America as plans for a big bean acres continue to push traders to the sidelines.

As of 8:00am 4 – 5 lower

New contract lows in all three wheat exchanges during the overnight trade. Weather is seen as favorable for winter wheat planting. The weather outlook shows potential for more rains in the eastern Plain over the next week, but the 6-10 and the 8-14 are showing warmer and dryer conditions to finish out the month.