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White Mold Management- Heads Up Seed Treatment

As we approach the main seed treatment time of the year, I wanted to send a reminder about a product that we looked at last year, with some success.  Heads Up seed treatment is a seed-applied plant protectant that causes a Systemic acquired Resistance (SAR) reaction in soybeans, with effects on partial control of white mold and Sudden

Early Season Diseases

Spring has certainly looked like it has sprung! As we continue to warm up, new growth on winter wheat and spring wheat planting are not far away! I have been reading the cereal rust reports published by USDA, and it really sounds like there is a high potential for rust infections this year.

Leaf rust and stripe rust are reported

Liberty Done Right - Making The System WORK

I have seen around the company, especially in the northern areas, that there is some growing interest in Liberty Link soybeans. Liberty Link soybeans, with tolerance to glufosinate (Liberty Herbicide from Bayer), can be a solid program and a good alternative to Roundup Ready soybeans. Current soybean offerings that feature the Liberty Link

January Crop Report Implications

One major component that the market uses to help discover price is USDA estimates or what many refer to as crop reports. USDA estimates many things in the ag sector and releases this data weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually. The reason I bring this up is because as of this writing USDA has just released one of the, what I consider,

Setting Yield Records

South Dakota Wheat Grower Patrons:

Congratulations! South Dakota set an all time record high in average corn yield per acre in 2015 at 159 bushels per acre! Average bean yields were also a record at 46 bushels per acre. As you know, most of you in eastern South Dakota had your own record yields per acre that were substantially