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Stripe Rust Still Active in Winter Wheat

Stripe rust is still present and very active in winter wheat, even what was treated a month ago.

I heard from Bayer CropScience of multiple reports of stripe rust in winter wheat in South Dakota. Unfortunately this rust was on on wheat that had been previously treated with a fungicide at the Feekes 4 to 5 stage of growth.


Keep An Eye On Winter Wheat - Aphids and Rust

Our Wheat Growers agronomists in the Wolsey and Huron areas have been reporting aphid populations in winter wheat this spring. Aphids can be damaging in wheat from direct feeding, but certain aphids can also vector the Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus (BYDV). BYDV and aphids are often “patchy”, with localized infestations across fields.

The April Rally - Just what we were wishing/hoping/praying for!!!

The market has rallied and we have made some new crop sales…….now what?

The recent rally in the soybean market has pushed the price to levels most thought were not attainable just weeks ago. The latter half of April provided the market with some cause for concern regarding the size of the South

Stripe Rust in Wheat

As we approach time for a herbice application also make sure to monitor for rust. This is a picture I took today of stripe rust in a winter wheat field in Hand County. Seeing rust this early in the season makes a fungicide application a must. Strobilurin fungicides are very effective. Yield losses can be substantial if rust isn't

Current Economics of Corn and Beans post-USDA Planting Intentions/Grain stocks

The USDA released its quarterly grain stocks as of March 1st along with its annual planting intentions report on Thursday. The report brought along with it a few surprises, mainly on the planting intentions side. Corn was estimated at 93.6 mln acres, which was 3.6 mln acres higher than the average trade guess. This was the largest miss on