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Soybean Harvest Review

It would be difficult to break down the performance of every soybean in our area, but I will offer a few trends from soybean harvest.

Applying Sulfur Fertilizer

One question that I commonly get asked this time of year is why do we need to apply sulfur when my soil tests indicate there is plenty available. The reason we apply sulfur to corn and wheat is to help meet the crop's sulfur needs early in the growing season when root development is slow and plants struggle to get enough sulfur.

Will Crop Insurance Affect Winter Wheat Acres?

 Winter wheat planting has begun and so far the planting pace is dragging. With a severe drought ravaging through the southern states producers are opting to wait and see if much needed rain develops before putting the seed in the ground.  The question that needs to be asked is, “With a nice $8.62 price guarantee on a revenue

How will the market treat Green Beans?

Combines are starting to roll in bean fields around the area.  The frost has brought about the questions about potential discounts due to green, immature beans.

The market treats green beans as regular damage.  At our SDWG locations, green beans will fall under total damage on your scale ticket and our standard

Market Carry

Many of you have probably heard the phrase “carry in the market”. What does this mean and how can I use it in my marketing plan? Carry, in simple terms, means that the market is willing to pay you more for delivery tomorrow than it is for today. Conversely, the term inverse would mean the exact opposite - tomorrow’s