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Scouting Corn Fields

As we get closer to harvest there are a few reasons you should spend a little time in your corn fields.  

The first reason is to document any diseases and weak stalks so that these fields can be a priority to combine first. Second, is to get an idea of a hybrids performance, and the third reason is to get a idea of

Wheat Growers Plot Day August 25th

On August 25th Wheat Growers will be holding plot tours at each agronomy locations local plot. This is a great chance to discuss new traits and genetics, as well as look at how varieties have been performing. This is also a great chance to visit with your agronomist about fall plans. Soil sampling, strip till, double shot, and fall


As Jay stated earlier aphid numbers are on the rise, some fields in my area around Aberdeen have aphid numbers of 1000+.   Fields that have been treated with a insecticide with a good residual are holding good. 


Aphid numbers continue to rise

Aphid numbers have continued to rise in soybean fields. The average number of aphids per plants in the Wolsey area has increased to over 50 aphids. In certain fields aphid numbers have increased to well over 200. With the current forecast calling for mild temperatures I expect these numbers to continue to increase. There are many

Winter Wheat Protein Averaging

Well after some rainy delays it looks like the winter wheat harvest is back on track in the Dakotas. Have you heard about the new protein-averaging program Wheat Growers is offering? Here are the details: 

Effective July 19, 2011, we will be offering protein averaging for qualifying deliveries of Hard Red Winter Wheat through