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Surprise - Spring is here!

Does summer come next?

Managing for Fallow Syndrome

Water logged fields from 2011 should be managed for the possibility of fallow syndrome in 2012. Fallow syndrome is a result of water logged fields having little or no plant growth. The lack of plant growth reduces the population of healthy fungi in the soil. The reduction in these beneficial fungi can hamper a plants ability to

Residual Herbicide Rates

With the early spring, and now a good shot of rain, it is a good idea to make sure you are applying the proper rates of residual herbicides. Half rate pre emerge programs that have worked in the past, when a shorter window of control was needed, may not provide enough control if spraying is taking place earlier

Wheat Growers’ Chamberlain Location Wins Top Environmental Award

Wheat Growers’ Chamberlain location has been honored with a Regional DuPont Environmental Respect Award. This award is the agriculture industry’s highest recognition for environmental stewardship among U.S. agricultural retailers.

Rainfall total for March

I have set up a rain gauge and will keep track and post local rainfall totals for the growing season at the Wolsey Terminal. For the month of March we received 1.08 inches of precipitation at the terminal.