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Estimating Corn Yield

The current corn crop is getting far enough along to get out and start to make some preliminary yield estimates and notice some trends.

July 30th Crop Condition/Progress Report

Weekly Crop Conditions released this afternoon showed a continued drop in Corn and Soybean conditions - not surprising.  Corn was down 2 percentage points in the Good/Excellent category this week to 24%.  Most notable changes were MN down 5% (rated 56% G/E) and SD down 4%, but one must take into account that some states don't

July 11th USDA Supply/Demand Recap

The USDA aggressively cut the US Corn yield by 20 bu/ac from their June estimate, now figuring 146 bu/ac.  This drops production by 1.82 billion bushels.  Total usage was lowered by 1.055 billion bushels with ethanol grind lowered by 100 million bushels, exports down 300 million, and Feed/Residual lowered by 650 million.  This

July 9th Crop Conditions/Progress Summary

Today's Crop Progress/Conditions were released inline with market expectations - lower ratings on continued dry and warm growing conditions.  Corn was down 8% from last week and now rated at just 40% Good/Excellent.  This relates to 69% Good/Excellent at this time last year.  Most notable

June 25th USDA Crop Conditions/Progress Report

This afternoon's USDA Crop Conditions Report was out and as expected both Corn and Soybean ratings were lower than last week.  Corn was down 7% nationwide now rated at 56% Good/Excellent.  Most notable changes were: Illinois (Down 15%), Indiana (Down 10%), and Missouri (Down 6%).  SD ratings were 5% lower at 71% G/E.