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Seed Treatments

It’s official; this spring is nowhere near the spring of 2012. With many parts of the territory still sitting in snow and cold, it’s time to start planning for a cool, wet planting season. When we hear the term “cool, wet planting season”, the first thing to pop into our head should be seed treatments.


Resistant Weed Management

There are a few key things to remember when making plans for resistant weeds before spring. The first is to be proactive. Whether you know you have problem weeds, or are unsure, you should start to manage your acres like you do have a problem. Proactive management is the best way to get out in front of these weeds and ultimately save you

Winter Grain Marketing Meetings

Join us for the Wheat Growers 2013 Winter Grain Marketing Meetings, "Staying Afloat in a Sea of Volatility" featuring Tregg Cronin, CHS Hedging.

Keeping Grain Quality & Safety a Top Priority into the New Year

Combines are put away, bins are full, and it’s starting to feel like winter out there. As the seasons have changed, we have been seeing some grain going out of condition despite going into the storage bin at very low moisture levels. Don’t forget to monitor the grain you have in bins. Even though it went in dry, with the early

Winter Wheat Planting - Is it too late?

Rains for the past couple of dates have raised questions of whether it is still OK to plant winter wheat. The answer is this: Agronomically speaking, we are still OK, so it depends on the risk you are willing to absorb.  Optimal planting dates for winter wheat in South Dakota are generally considered to be September 15 to October 20, so