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Wheat Growers Insights for Field and Farm

Managing Winter Wheat

Winter wheat across the area really varies on how it is doing. Wheat that was planted into ground with good ground cover and adequate moisture last fall is in decent shape. Wheat that was planted into drier soils and bare ground over the winter is not looking as good. The wheat that had good fall growing conditions and ground cover has

Early Spring = Early Weeds

This is a photo I took earlier this week. I had to do a little bit of searching to find this kochia off and growing. This was in an area that would have a much warmer soil temperature than in normal field right now. It is a reminder that weed management will have to have to get started earlier this season if this warm weather

Planter Section Control

Make sure your planter section control is set up properly to avoid unnecessary skips and overlaps.

Spring Planter Preparation

Spring is right around the corner. Is your planter ready?

Fall Residuals - Not Too Late!

Now is not too late for growers to apply herbicide treatments to your fields to control weeds and help ensure a good start for spring planting! Fall residuals target early weeds next spring and can help speed warmup at planting. In addition, burndown targeting perennials, like thistles and dandelion, as well as fall grasses and fall