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Planter Section Control

Make sure your planter section control is set up properly to avoid unnecessary skips and overlaps.

Spring Planter Preparation

Spring is right around the corner. Is your planter ready?

Fall Residuals - Not Too Late!

Now is not too late for growers to apply herbicide treatments to your fields to control weeds and help ensure a good start for spring planting! Fall residuals target early weeds next spring and can help speed warmup at planting. In addition, burndown targeting perennials, like thistles and dandelion, as well as fall grasses and fall

Check Your Winter Wheat Fields - Aphids Are Lurking

I received a note yesterday about aphids appearing in winter wheat fields in the southern Wheat Growers territory. I also saw a report from SDSU about the subject. With the warm fall conditions creating fairly lush top growth on winter wheat stands, it is imperative that you go take a good look at those fields. The primary aphid being found

Soybean Harvest Trends

Here are just a few things I have noticed so far during fall soybean harvest.