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White Mold

Looking ahead a little, R1 soybeans are not that far away in some of the area. I know that additional inputs on soybean are hard to think about right now, given the already increased cost of herbicide programs for the year. However, the continued wet weather and the cooler temps we are seeing, especially at night, sets us up for a potential

Enhanze Starter Fertilizer - Field Results

To say the results are striking is maybe an understatement! The results are consistent and positive. To date, the product flat out performs at or above what we had hoped it would. We are seeing large, well-developed root systems and sturdy, healthy plants.

Early Season Fungicides and Micronutrients

Do you have good corn out there? Or even stressed corn? Now is the time to be thinking about protecting that crop and making sure that it is setting maximum ear size. Early season fungicides and micronutrients are excellent choices to be thinking about right now.

Crop Conditions for June 9th

Today marked the second week of Corn conditions and the first glimpse at Soybean and Spring Wheat ratings.

CORN: Nationwide the corn crop is rated at 75% Good/Excellent, down 1% from last week. SD ratings improved 3 percentage points this week at 85% G/E. ND ratings were down 2% to 89% G/E.


Frost Effects on Alfalfa

Frost damage should not be lethal to alfalfa.  Alfalfa, if established at all, has a lot of growing points, and even if the primary bud is damaged, the secondary buds will take over and resume growth. There is some delay in growth expected as the plants recover and first cutting yield may be a little lower. Clipping (like you would do