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Rotation Restrictions

One topic to consider when making your weed control plans is the rotation restrictions of herbicides. Not only do you want to verify that it is safe to plant this year’s intended crop, but plan ahead for your rotation and make sure residual herbicides don't keep you from a desired rotation. There are some products that have a longer

2014 Winter Grain Marketing Meetings

Please join us for the 2014 session of Winter Grain Marketing Meetings featuring our special guest, Jeff Hainline from Advance Trading.

2014 Drainage & Water Management Workshops

The SDSU, NDSU, and University of Minnesota Extension services will be hosting another series of drainage design and water management workshops in 2014.

Registration is now available at the link provided below, with four 2-day workshops to choose from (see list below). The early registration price is $225, and each workshop is

Selecting Seed

Making seed selections for the next growing season can be challenging. Sorting through new varieties and traits can seem like a daunting task with how fast the choices can change. Narrow the focus of products to what is required for each field to make things easier. Previous crop, soil type, past disease issues, planting population, row

Fall Residual Herbicides - Not too late, actually just right!

Lately, a common question has been raised - Is it too late to spray a fall-applied residual herbicide ahead of soybeans (or corn for that matter)? The answer is that now is still a PERFECT TIME to spray, if you can. The ideal soil temperatures to spray fall residuals are below 50 F and anything above frozen. Colder soil temperatures like