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Jumper Starter Fertilizer- A Unique, Newer Starter Fertilizer

As we enter into 2017, the first few weeks of the year continue to be busy ones for growers. After seed selection largely wraps up, often one of the next decisions is looking at finalizing a fertility program for the upcoming crop. For corn and soybean growers, one decision to consider is about the use of a starter fertilizer. Across Wheat

Is your crop's plate full? And maybe even a data card?

As we approach the upcoming holiday weekend, I'm reminded that we do have a lot to be thankful for in our industry. The opportunity to daily work towards producing tremendous crops and high-quality produce to feed the hungry world is an awe-inspiring thing.

As we approach and work through the end of this agronomy season, a lot

Keep An Eye On Winter Wheat

With the absolutely stunning warm temperatures here in November come some interesting issues from the agronomy side. One of these was just relayed to me by an agronomist at our Chamberlain location. Winter wheat, but also winter wheat pests are still actively growing out in the fields and may need attention.


Corn Harvest & Stalk Rots- Is There a Hidden Loss Looming In Your Fields?

I have been driving all across the Wheat Growers territory in the recent weeks, and as corn is drying down toward harvest, many fields look, well, a little UGLY to me. The corn in some areas looks good, but in others, it is simply not drying with the nice, light tan, almost bleached “look” that we are used to seeing. The plants

Variety Selection and Early Seed Planning for 2017

Fairly soon, we will be entering the time of the year to look ahead to 2017 and begin making variety selections for the upcoming growing season. As I have mention in previous blogs, take some time late in the is growing season to critically review your current variety selections for both corn and soybean. Many of our Wheat Growers agronomy