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Late Season Corn Health

This is a fun time of the year when you can go into your corn fields and start to evaluate what to expect when the combine arrives.

Wheat Growers New Mobile App

Stay up-to-date on the latest markets, weather, and more with the new Wheat Growers mobile app for smartphones and tablets.  This innovative app shows you up-to-the-minute cash bid prices for all Wheat Growers grain

Information on EPA Clean Water Act

Please Take Action!!!

Waters of the U.S. – Proposed Rule

Many of you have heard about the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers and EPA’s attempt to put specific regulations into the Clean Water Act that could impact farming decisions as it pertains to non-navigable waters in the U.S. The expanded scope of the proposed

Wheat Stubble Management

With small grain harvest rolling along and getting completed make plans to manage your wheat stubble.

White Mold

Looking ahead a little, R1 soybeans are not that far away in some of the area. I know that additional inputs on soybean are hard to think about right now, given the already increased cost of herbicide programs for the year. However, the continued wet weather and the cooler temps we are seeing, especially at night, sets us up for a potential