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USDA Reminds Farmers to Certify Conservation Compliance by June 1 Deadline

USDA Reminds Farmers to Certify Conservation Compliance by June 1 Deadline

USDA Office of Communications sent this bulletin at 04/16/2015 03:00 PM EDT

Release No. 0099.15
Contact: Office of Communications (202)720-4623

USDA Reminds Farmers to Certify Conservation

Emerging Wheat and Frost Damage

I have gotten a couple calls this morning on evaluating wheat and maybe other small grains that were emerging with the frost damage last night. Although we were very cold last night, I want everyone to use caution in making quick assessments as to how damaged small grains were. Here are some thoughts:

Crystallization of liquid fertilizers

Just a quick reminder about liquid fertilizers sitting out in planters or tenders. With the cold temperatures, we could see some crystallization of some of the liquid fertilizer products. Nucleus O-Phos, the 100% orthophosphate fertilizer from Helena, for example, will start to form crystals at temperatures above freezing, like 38°F.

One of the Big Questions: How will this be more efficient?

Using conservative estimates, the newly named cooperative from the unification of Wheat Growers and North Central Farmers Elevator will gain approximately $8-14 million thanks to the combined resources of the new co-op over the two individual co-ops.

Those figures come from calculations done by Land ‘O Lakes when they looked

Fall Applied Kochia Control

It is very easy to already see the kochia control of fall applied herbicides. In this field sprayed last fall you can see kochia growing on the left of the picture while nothing is coming on the right side that was sprayed.