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January Crop Report Implications

One major component that the market uses to help discover price is USDA estimates or what many refer to as crop reports. USDA estimates many things in the ag sector and releases this data weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually. The reason I bring this up is because as of this writing USDA has just released one of the, what I consider,

Setting Yield Records

South Dakota Wheat Grower Patrons:

Congratulations! South Dakota set an all time record high in average corn yield per acre in 2015 at 159 bushels per acre! Average bean yields were also a record at 46 bushels per acre. As you know, most of you in eastern South Dakota had your own record yields per acre that were substantially

What’s The Deal with Glyphosate? Being Sure To Look At “Apples to Apples”

I have heard some of our agronomists and staff talking a lot about different glyphosate offerings for 2016. It seems that every generic supplier out there has their version of glyphosate to sell. There are different “types” of glyphosate on the market- different salts of the glyphosate base acid, as well as different analyses of

Wheat Growers Member-Owners Earn Record Patronage Dividend

Wheat Grower’s Board of Directors approved a record $16 million qualified patronage allocation for 2015, with $6.4 million paid in cash.

“This dividend is possible thanks to solid financial results for the fiscal year and the continued strength of our balance sheet,” Chief Financial Officer Blake Bomesberger

Fall Residuals - Too Late?

As we wrap up harvest and continue to apply fertilizer, a few questions have been received about whether we are entirely too late in the season to apply fall pre-emergence herbicides for the upcoming soybean season. The short answer is that agronomically- NO, we still have time. The issue may come down to more of an equipment issue than an