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Corn Harvest & Stalk Rots- Is There a Hidden Loss Looming In Your Fields?

I have been driving all across the Wheat Growers territory in the recent weeks, and as corn is drying down toward harvest, many fields look, well, a little UGLY to me. The corn in some areas looks good, but in others, it is simply not drying with the nice, light tan, almost bleached “look” that we are used to seeing. The plants

Variety Selection and Early Seed Planning for 2017

Fairly soon, we will be entering the time of the year to look ahead to 2017 and begin making variety selections for the upcoming growing season. As I have mention in previous blogs, take some time late in the is growing season to critically review your current variety selections for both corn and soybean. Many of our Wheat Growers agronomy

A Late Season Crop Tour and Variety Selection- Right Around the Corner

As we approach the last 60 or so days of the growing season here in the Dakotas, the time comes around to be thinking about 2017 and the crop varieties planned for the upcoming growing season. Now is a great time to be taking one more thorough pre-harvest evaluation of your current crops. Soybeans are in the prime growth cycle right now, and

Crop Conditions and Progress Report

Corn Conditions: The Total US Corn Conditions remain at a 74% Good/Excellent rating this week, up from last year’s 69% rating at this time. Looking across the board: ND,TX, MI, and KY all moved down a percent. IL is down 2%

We Are In The Last 60 Days… For Soybeans, That Is...

Hard to believe, but we are in the last 60 days of the growing season for soybeans across most of the Wheat Growers territory. There are some absolutely terrific looking soybeans out there, but there are also a lot of soybeans that had their struggles this year- from wet fields early and delayed planting to environmental stresses and weed