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Letter to Members

Announcement from Wheat Growers Board President

The Boards of Directors at North Central Farmers Elevator and Wheat Growers have each approved revisiting the unification opportunity that was considered by the cooperatives two years ago. In large part, our board’s decision is based on input we have received from member-producers who have told us the time is right to reexamine the potential unification.

A lot has changed over the past two years. Among these changes, we’re all aware the ag economy has turned downward. That downturn at the farm level is affecting farmer profitability, and the farm level impacts are affecting both co-ops’ profitability as well. At the same time, add in several mega-mergers, increased competition locally and globally, and a drought year that will likely affect our yields negatively at harvest.

Meanwhile, the potential advantages of a unification that we identified previously still exist, even more so today given all of the market changes and pressures.

As we enter this two-week comment period, it is essential that we hear from our members. We are inviting you to share your feedback – both positive or negative. You can do so in the following ways:

  • Contact one of the Wheat Growers board members
  • E-mail any questions or comments to info@sdwg.com

We will compile all comments received and carefully consider them as we proceed with the next steps to refresh the data, benefits and opportunities of a potential unification. Following the reexamination process, both boards will determine whether to proceed to a vote of the membership.

In the interim, we would appreciate your support for this process as we decide if this decision is right for our two organizations.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Hal Clemensen
Board President, Wheat Growers


Wheat Growers Board Member Contact Info

Hal Clemensen 605-380-3052
Glen Crawford  605-380-0541
Matt Johnson  605-380-7435
Wallace Knock  605-881-2842
Mark Bushfield 605-354-5054
Joel Erickson 605-470-0350
Chris Eymer  605-280-2411
Lance Hanson  605-294-7373
Steve Halverson   605-222-0270
Jeff Lakner  605-354-1191
Dan Malsam 605-216-8500
Steve Pfeifer  605-850-8588
Ken Rau  605-848-0784
David Salmen  605-354-1694
Dale Swanson  605-680-9710