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Annual Member Meeting

The  2016 Wheat Growers Annual Member Meeting was held Tuesday, January 12, 2016 at the Wheat Growers Administrative Office in Aberdeen.

Board President Hal Clemensen welcomed the members and gave them an over view of the past year at Wheat Growers. He spoke about the failed unification attempt with NCFE and the positives that came out of the efforts. These included the amount of co-op education that our members received, and the in-depth look at Wheat Growers articles and bylaws.

Blake Bomesberger, Wheat Growers CFO, spoke about the record year that Wheat Growers had financially. Record earnings allowed Wheat Growers to pay out patronage of $10.5M to its members.

Dale Locken, Wheat Growers CEO, gave a look forward at what Wheat Growers is preparing for in the future. He also expanded on Consolidated Ag Solutions, and Consolidated Sourcing Solutions, two partnerships that allow Wheat Growers to find efficiencies and improve cost and supply positions.

The Leadership Team consisting of Steve Briggs - SVP, Agronomy & Corporate Marketing; Judy Stulken – SVP, Human Resources & Organizational Development; Chris Pearson – SVP, Operations; and Roger Krueger – SVP, Grain gave an overview of the happenings in their department over the past year.

You may have noticed the format of the Annual Meeting changed this year. Wheat Growers opened the doors of the board room at the Aberdeen office and kept the meeting shorter. By keeping the attendance smaller there was an increased amount of participation from the members, and more questions were asked than in previous years at larger venues.

Thank you to those who attended and we look forward to seeing you at Wheat Growers events throughout 2016!