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Connecting Grain Solutions

Efficiency and capacity are the twin pillars of effective cooperative grain operations. From grain marketing to grain storage, Agtegra connects member-owners to efficient, convenient and profitable grain solutions today – with a constant eye toward the future.

Driven by ever-increasing production, growing global demand and the constant challenge of managing risks posed by weather, Agtegra recently invested in grain capacity and efficiency through the Connecting to Tomorrow Capital Initiative.

Benefits to your operation include: 

  • Dedicated and experienced grain marketing professionals – focused on helping you manage grain more effectively; increase grain quality and position grain for the most profitable market.
  • Integrated network of elevator facilities and multiple rail loading facilities – putting speed, efficiency and high capacity where you need it.
  • High-speed train loading facilities in Aberdeen (Grebner), Alpena, Andover, Highmore, McLaughlin, Mellete, Roscoe and Wolsey.
  • Joint-venture shuttle loader in Oakes, ND.
  • Further personalize your service with our Off-the-Farm program or our own trucking services.