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Off-the-Farm Grain Buying

Storing grain beyond harvest to help capture market appreciation can be a smart decision for a variety of reasons. Wheat Growers Off The Farm Grain Buying program gives you confidence that your grain is positioned for the right market when you want to sell. Talk to your Grain Marketing Specialist for a bid today!

  • Save time and transportation costs.
    Wheat Growers personnel will pick your grain up off the farm and move it to the best market at your desired speed. Wheat Growers will dispatch the appropriate number of trucks needed to maximize your loading capacity and save you time - just fill the trucks when they show up.
  • Reliability at its finest.
    Wheat Growers provides the sound financial backing you need for your business security - financially strong and reliable since 1923. Feel at ease with Wheat Growers uniform accounting practices, that you have grown to trust, and assurance that your check will be on its way.

  • Customized bids with potentially higher prices.
    This program allows Wheat Growers to present you a customized bid based on several different markets, freight rates, and delivery times. Your grain may end up at a Wheat Growers facility, an ethanol or other processing plant. In many instances, this process may result in better prices at your farm gate. You can also take advantage of Wheat Growers’ marketing programs such as Hedge To-Arrive and Basis contracts. Deferred payment options are also available.

Click here to request more information about the OTF program.

*OTF offerings subject to change without notice. The above contracting tools involve market risks and may not be appropriate for all producers.