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Premium Contract

The Wheat Growers grain team works hard to bring you a variety of contracting options. However, the contracting tools may not be appropriate for all producers. For more details please contact your Grain Originator.

Floored Average

This marketing agreement allows you to establish a minimum futures floor price, but also allows you to participate in the upside. The Floored Average contract pays you the average futures price over a set period of time. However, you are guaranteed no worse than a pre-defined floor price.


  • The producer is guaranteed the higher of the average futures level or the floor price.
  • The average price is specified.
  • Flexibility to establish basis anytime prior to delivery.
  • Removes the stress, frustration and risk of decision making with marketing.


  • The contract is sensitive to the timing.
  • Does not capture all the gains during a volatile market.

*Offerings subject to change without notice. The above contracting tools involve market risks and may not be appropriate for all producers.