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Bin Power Probe Service

Wheat Growers offers professional bin probing at your bin site by a trained technician using specially equipped probing equipment. Our technician will collect a representative sample from all levels of your bin – not just the top, bottom or what runs out the door.

You will receive an analysis of your grain quality, along with a customized marketing proposal for each bin based on the analysis of the grain sample. It’s a simple, effective way to make better marketing decisions based on a more thorough knowledge of your inventory.

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  • Better marketing decisions can be made with more thorough knowledge of your inventory. 
  • Reduce the risk of surprise grades upon delivery. With our quality pricing guarantees, you know the quality pricing component of your grain before delivery. 
  • Gain confidence in the storability of your grain. A whole bin probe may provide a tipoff of potential storability issues. 
  • Qualify for additional Wheat Growers marketing programs. We will make special offers based on the quality for the grain in each bin probed.