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Important Events

While other internships might take a “watch and learn” approach, Wheat Growers interns experience an exciting and hands-on summer immersed in real-world career activities.

Important events include:

  1. Recruitment in October – Don’t wait until spring to start thinking about your internship at Wheat Growers. Our summer intern recruitment begins every year in October. Remember to apply early, as space is limited.
  2. Kick-Off Event in May – Every year our new crop of summer interns convenes in mid-May for orientation, training and educational presentations. Interns also have the opportunity to network with members of the Wheat Growers leadership team.
  3. Wrap-Up Event in August – At the end of summer, the Wheat Growers internship program concludes with a special wrap-up event in mid-August. At this event interns are encouraged to share their achievements and experiences, network with members of Wheat Growers management and more.