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Seed Treatments and Inoculations

From top-quality seed choices to proven treatments and inoculants, Wheat Growers has the soybean solution you need to connect with the year’s best possible yield potential.  

You’ll get state-of-the-art facilities designed to quickly and reliably load bulk soybean seed. New and upgraded treaters for gentle, consistent coverage. All-important flexibility to modify your order right up to the time it’s treated at our facility.

It all adds up to one smart connection for your seed. 

  • Custom applied fungicides and inoculants for soybean and wheat seed.
  • Over 90% of Wheat Growers agronomy locations have treaters with drums that create secondary mixing to maximize seed treatment coverage.
  • Many of these treater upgrades have taken place in the past three years.
  • Continuous improvements such as seed wheels and flow meters further ensure accurate and precise seed treatment applications.