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Treated Seed Guidelines

Seed treatments can have a substantial benefit to yields. As they grow in popularity so does producers’ responsibility to adhere to stringent FDA regulations regarding treated seed. 

While efforts are made to keep treated and non-treated seed segregated, there is no guarantee of total segregation.

  • The best protection against potential problems is to thoroughly clean equipment to avoid cross-contamination of equipment used to haul and tender seed and haul grain to the market.
  • Wheat Growers also encourages working closely with your Sales Agronomist to calculate your seed treatment needs effectively. 

PLEASE NOTE: Wheat Growers will refuse deliveries of all grain that has been contaminated with pesticides and other foreign substances.  As little as one kernel of contamination is grounds for rejection by grain handlers.

Wheat Growers will also prosecute knowing violators of all applicable FDA rules and regulations related to food safety and quality.