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Geo-Referenced Soil Sampling

Geo-Referenced Composite Sampling has been used by many soil samplers for several seasons. Wheat Growers has offered this service since 1997. 

Wheat Growers uses DGPS to mark the multiple soil cores that go into a grower’s soil sample.  When the field is soil sampled again, the previous points are used to direct the sampler to within three feet of the previous sample points. This allows Wheat Growers to send the same “core” sample to the soils lab year after year. 

  • Over time, this leads to more consistent sampling results. This is especially helpful in tracking non-mobile nutrients such as phosphorous, potassium and zinc. 
  • Soil samples that are not geo-referenced tend to have non-mobile nutrient levels that vary greatly from year to year. 
  • Used in conjunction with MZB Tools field information management software, member-owners can view field borders, sample point locations and soil test results from the home computer.