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Wheat Growers Loyalty Rewards

You work hard to grow the best possible yields. Wheat Growers works hard to offer the best possible agronomy and grain services. Wheat Growers Loyalty Rewards is what happens when we work together.

Wheat Growers Loyalty Rewards pay you back for doing qualifying business per acre with your cooperative.

Details include:

  • Cash-back rewards for qualifying purchases of fertilizer, seed and crop protection products used on your row crop acres.
  • A rewards check will be hand-delievered to you at the end of this growing season!
  • Enrollment period is November - March. Talk to your Wheat Growers Agronomist today to enroll!

Contact your Agronomist today for more details!

Here's How It Works:

Seed Purchased:      Your reward with minimum of 90%
of inputs purchased in each category of fertilizer, seed and crop protection products:    
Corn $20/unit 
Soybean $2/unit
Sunflower $20/unit 
Sorghum $20/unit 
*If you raise non-row crops talk to your local agronomist about a special redemption option.